Hot Toddies for the Holidays

     HotToddy-recipeA toddy, usually served hot, is the name for any drink with distilled spirits, a sweetener plus water. There is quite a range of recipes for toddies as you’ll find when you scroll through some of the recipes below. Toddies may use whiskey, run, gin or brandy and some add liqueurs. They have been known to be used as an antidote to the common head cold, but many just enjoy a warm drink on a freezing cold night.

A Toddy Collection

In this collection of hot toddy recipes you’ll find several tea-based recipes. One uses chamomile and another pairs Yamazuki whiskey with a chrysanthemum tea base. Enjoy a Hot Baked Apple Toddy or a ginger toddy using ginger beer for the flavor and pairing it with Irish whiskey.


Epicurious has a very simple toddy recipe. Choose from bourbon, brandy or scotch and add honey, fresh lemon juice and water.

My Recipes

Whip up a hot toddy recipe for a crowd in your slow cooker. This recipe uses rum and brandy in equal parts plus lemon juice, crystallized ginger and fresh ginger. Add lemon rind if you wish.

Food Network

Try this simple toddy recipe: Use scotch, one thinly-sliced lemon, demerara sugar and freshly-grated nutmeg. Add hot water.