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Yoga for senior citizens is the way to go forward. Seniors, we all know we need to keep moving as we grow older. But sometimes it’s difficult to find the right balance between pain management and proper exercise as we age. Here are several websites to reinforce our knowledge that “if we don’t use, we’ll lose it.”

While it’s okay to live a slower and less hectic lifestyle in our retirement years, these articles remind us that taking it easy all the time can lead to a plethora of health problems, from muscular weakness to osteoporosis to loss of balance. When we get enough stretching exercise in our routine as found in yoga workouts, we will maintain muscle flexibility. Weight-bearing exercises will maintain strong, healthy bones and also keep muscles from tightening up and losing strength.

Living a sedentary lifestyle can have some surprising consequences to our health such as decreased lean body tissue, breathing problems and even vision or sleep challenges. Yoga is wonderful for providing low-impact stretches and balancing poses which help to maintain body health without adding unhealthy stress to muscles and bones.

Find a local yoga class designed especially for seniors and experience the improvement you’ll gain in improved flexibility and range of motion, reduced blood pressure and relief from chronic pain conditions.