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Wool has been used for clothing since 10,000 B.C. It has come from sheep, alpaca and goats. Wool is made of keratin, a protein such as that found in fingernails and the hooves of animals. It grows in clumps known as staples and is held together with lanolin. Wool is considered a fiber and not hair or fur.

The diameter of the fibers of the wool determines its quality. The smaller the diameter of the fibers, the softer the wool. Modern wool comes from merino sheep, mostly grown in New Zealand. Today’s wool is very soft, dense and warm.

Wool is good for clothing for several reasons. First it controls temperature with tiny pockets between the fibers which trap air to regulate the heat. It also has breathability and wicking properties which keep the wearer dryer than synthetics. Wool fiber absorbs moisture and releases it through evaporation leaving the body dry and warm. Keratin is a natural antibacterial which adds an odor resistance to woolen clothing.

Besides all of those scientific reasons why wool is good for clothing, it is also beautiful. It can be dyed any number of colors and has a pleasing feel and appearance.


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