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If you live in a major U.S. city, and are a senior citizen, you most likely will be able to find an assistance program for your home maintenance projects. Perhaps you need a plumber to repair pipes damaged by winter freezes, or need an upgrade to your heating system. You may need electrical repairs or a new roof. Even if you just want to remodel your kitchen or are in need of general repairs around the house, you’ll save money if you search out a city, county or state-run senior home maintenance program. The listings below are programs specific to a major U.S. city, but you can search on general information sites to find a program in your area of the country.


The benefits of using a discount program created specifically for seniors, is that the workers have been approved by the city or state. You won’t need to worry about workers who never finish the job or who charge you too much for the work. You can also be assured that quality work will be done on your home. Such services usually have a contact person who will help you with the details of applying for the discount and will be available throughout the project to answer your questions. Check out Home Maintenance Assistance programs for seniors in your area.


Chicagoland Methodist Senior Services for those in the Chicago area

City of Cleveland Senior Home Maintenance Program  Use this site to begin your search in your home city or state.