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  •  Ask Granny has discovered a great website for all theatre goers  and this site will be especially useful for all my wonderful followers from the US who visit our cities loyally every year and enjoy going to the theatre.
  •  Haven’t you in the past been  worried about which are the best seats and never know where the best place to sit is?
  • Theatre tickets can now be so expensive and thus we want the best value for money.
  • Take a look at this interesting and informative link and  below are some important and useful keywords:
    • AUDITORIUM: The seating area of a theatre.
    • BALCONY: The highest tier in a theatre, very high and far from the stage.
    • BOX OFFICE: The place to collect tickets for the current performance and buy tickets for future shows.
    • DAY SEATS: Seats that are only sold on the day of the performance, usually at a reduced price.
    • DRESS CIRCLE: Usually the first tier of seating. Sometimes called the ROYAL CIRCLE.
    • HOUSE LEFT/RIGHT: The left/right side of the auditorium as you look at the stage.
    • STAGE LEFT/RIGHT: The left/right side of the stage as you are on it looking at the auditorium.
    • STALLS/ORCHESTRA STALLS: The lowest level of seating, usually the most expensive due to the best views of the stage.
    • UPPER CIRCLE: The second tier of seating, furthest from the stage. Sometimes called the GRAND CIRCLE