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Why not try some online senior dating websites.  Ask Granny finds out  what’s new in senior dating. If you haven’t met the person of your dreams in your local community, you may want to try some online senior dating sites. Of course, all the usual cautions are in effect. Don’t give out personal information without care, meet in public places, and the like. Senior dating sites make it possible to see pictures, track those with similar interests and they go out of their way to make the experience safe and enjoyable. Here are  Ask Granny’s choice of senior dating websites new on the scene. It’s never to late for a grandparent  or senior to find a new friend!    Most popular sites in 2014 The latest in website dating 2015! A great website for finding new friendships too!            (Dec 2014)    ( Jan 2015)     check it out! ( Feb 2015)  ( 2014)  Looking for younger or richer ?!

N.B. Ask Granny updates and adds new online dating  websites every few months – keep searching !