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The 11th Annual Festival of Improvisational Theater in Seattle, February 13-17.

Seattle that jewel of a city nestled in between the Pacific Ocean and the Cascade mountain range is the scene of a dangerous and outrageous event in February. It’s the eleventh annual Festival of Improv. It’s held at two different theaters for four days and draws improv groups from all over North America. Both venues, the Jet City Improv and Second Stage are in the University of Washington District of Seattle.


Improvisational Theater is unscripted. A group goes onstage with just a few words or a description and away they go, creating their own action and dialogue and playing off one another to create a scene. It’s frightening, fun and extremely enjoyable for the audience.


This year’s executive producer is Andrew McMasters and he promises a better than ever festival complete with performances by twenty-one groups plus a fine list of workshops for everyone from beginners to pros. Some of the workshop topics include Building Confidence which is the heart of Improv, Making Mischief—risk taking, and the Physics of Improv—improving a scene.


The festival winds up on Friday evening with the “Dust Up” which is a freestyle performance for anyone and everyone. You’ll find more information and ticket prices at:

Seattle Improv Festival

Seattle Improv Schedule

University District Virtual Tour