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kids-kontrolGrandkids love to play computer games. With a little luck they may even find websites designed to teach information as they entertain. There are literally hundreds of websites designed for kids, but they’re not all created equal. A good website for children will have most of the components listed below. Take a look.

A) The site will be designed with the age and skill levels of the users in mind. Children will find their way around the site easily.

B) The site will contain accurate information.

C) The appearance of the site will be uncluttered and free of advertising.

D) Links will be well-chosen and appropriate.

E) The content will either educate or entertain, hopefully both.

F) There will be no personal information required and no fees to use.


When searching for quality websites for children, be sure to avoid those with garish or unprofessional appearances. Don’t allow access to sites with inappropriate messages or with links that take the user to adult sites. In general it’s best to stick with well-known sites developed by educational institutions such as museums, libraries, authors, and the like. Here are some lists of approved children’s websites to search through.


Good sites for kids

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