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It used to be easy to think of our retirement years as being a dull and rather uneventful time. This is no longer the case. In fact, if you make the right decisions then it could be the best time of your life.

Go Travelling.


Who hasn’t sat at work and wished that they could be trekking across Nepal or soaking up the atmosphere in a beach bar in Brazil instead of working? Sadly, taking time off to go travelling to exciting places on a regular basis is a luxury which few people can afford. However, all this could change once you stop working for good. Provided that you have the money to make this happen then it could be time to look out your passport and head off to some of the world’s most interesting places. There is a lot to see and do so you won’t run out of destinations  no matter how many trips you make a year.

Take Up a New Sport.

You might think that your sporting days will be behind you when you reach the retirement age and stop working but it can actually be the perfect time to take up golf, swimming, jogging or any other type of sporting activity which you have always wanted to try. It is a fantastic way to keep in shape and it is also a hobby which can bring you a lot of pleasure and help you meet new friends.

Eat Well.

When we rush to and from work each day it can be difficult to eat well and it is certainly not always possible to sit down and enjoy a long, luxurious lunch or dinner. Once you retire then you will find that eating can become one of your great pleasures. You might like to eat out in nice restaurants but it is also possible that you decide to start cooking your own meals and find a new hobby this way.

Spend Money.

 All of the previous ideas involved spending money and it is true there are few things we can do these days without spending cash along the way. The problem here is that many people aren’t financially prepared for their retirement years. One smart way of doing this is with pension annuities. These will let you swap your pension fund for a regular income once you retire. This means that you will always have money coming in to help you travel, play some sport and eat well.