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Are your kids and grandkids bored during the holidays? Children who say they’re bored are on the increase. The culprit is probably a society that allows too much television and too many hours spent staring at screens, but let’s not get stuck on that discussion. Let’s think of things they can do to put boredom behind them.


Play something:  Find a new game to play or learn to play a new sport. Is there a new board game or maybe a new outdoor game such as old-fashioned hopscotch which would get the body moving and encourage some active fun? Or, take a tennis lesson or go bowling.


Work:  Clean out your closet. You’ll be amazed at what you find in the back corners. Or weed the garden, feed and bathe a pet, fold some clothes or cook a meal. You parents will love you and you’ll have a great time.


Explore: Make a map of your neighborhood or do some research about a foreign country. Find out about a certain Indian tribe or a favorite hobby or pastime of a child in another country.


Create:  Make a smoothie of your own creation or paint a picture. Get some clay and design a work of art. Draw faces in the mirror or write a play about one of your favorite characters in a book. Write your autobiography or build a birdhouse.


Learn Something: Go to the library or get online and learn a new magic trick. Or maybe you’d rather learn how to speak in sign language.


Give:  Make and take something to your local nursing home or children’s hospital. Serve someone who has physical disabilities or is currently homeless.


The truth is, there is no good excuse for becoming bored, but when the kids say, “I’m bored” you can get them going by doing one of these activities or another one they find at the following websites.

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