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There is a certain percentage of families, young and old, who are tired of consumerism. They want to weed and de-clutter their homes and possessions. They want to go back to a time when people sat in the evenings and talked with one another and they want to be free of so much stuff they have to rent storage units to hold it all.

Here are several websites and blogsites that are carrying on the conversation about a simpler lifestyle. Maybe you’ll want to live more simply too.


Zen Habits

Here you’ll find a list of seventy-two ways to de-clutter and simplify your life. Much of it is common sense, much is making the decision that you want a simpler lifestyle and then considering how to get it. Living more simply requires a more streamlined use of time as well as money and possessions.


Choosing Voluntary Simplicity

Learn how to “downshift” to a simpler lifestyle. Work less, consume less, spend less. It’s a philosophy that takes some getting used to, but it has huge benefits. Grow and cook your own food. Recycle and waste less. It all happens one step at a time.


Loving Simple Living

At this site you’ll find posts on a number of simple lifestyle topics from cleaning out those stuffed closets to enjoying stress-free holidays. Find others who are returning to a simpler lifestyle and share your ideas.