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Enter the world of virtual pet adoption with Webkinz. Webkinz plush stuffed animals are available online and in selected toy stores worldwide. When you purchase a Webkinz stuffed animal you will receive a secret code. Enter the code to enter the virtual world where your child can adopt his pet, name it and begin to care for it. There are games to play, and all sorts of activities in which points are earned. The points can be used to buy Kinzcash providing the necessary food and fun living environments for your pet. The site is secure for young children and will provide hours of fun and enjoyment while teaching some responsibility. There is a huge variety of both real and imaginary stuffed animals from which to choose. These collectibles are often available on e-bay when they are discontinued in stores. Check out the Lil Kinz or the Mazin’ Hamsters. For a virtual tour of the Webkinz world go to: