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Are you old enough to remember Dr. Linus Pauling and his encouragement to take massive amounts of vitamin C for good health? Some believed him and many did not. As we age we need to stay in close contact with our primary health professionals when it comes to taking vitamins and supplements. However staying abreast of the latest studies and paying attention to overall health is wise. Maybe as a senior citizen or grandparent you may suffer from excessive tiredness and anemia  which may result from low levels of vitamin B12. Many symptoms such as muscle spasms may result from low levels of potassium. Health conditions such as macular degeneration and diabetes may be improved by proper intake of vitamins. Do you have vitamin D deficiency symptoms? Taking proper doses of vitamin D have proven helpful in depression and for dealing with chronic pain. So get in touch with your physician and be sure you’re receiving proper levels of vitamins from a combination of your healthy diet and your supplement intake.