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In this time of quarantines and lockdowns many families have found unique ways to stay in touch. Phone calls are wonderful, but video chats and online meet-ups are even better. The younger folks in the family may need to send the proper technology items and make sure they get set up, but once that is done, the fun can begin.

Celebrating a family birthday or anniversary? Why not make it a virtual event so the whole family can be together. And why not ask the primary celebrants to hold those gifts to open when everyone can watch? 

Here are some gifts to delight senior members:

  • Boxed sets of favorite television shows of the past. These are often advertised on television and are also found online. It’s great fun to relive past favorite actors and their shows. Remembering favorites from the past is a healthy pastime for seniors.
  • Coffee of the Month Clubs can be a bit spendy, but are truly interesting with their monthly offerings from coffee farms all over the world.
  • An membership. Seniors enjoy digging into their ancestral past and finding distant relatives. They enjoy seeing their family tree and learning about the history of their family.
  • Adult coloring books. Although it may sound silly, it really is relaxing to use high-quality colored pencils to create beautiful pictures. These come in many styles and themes. Do you love flowers or birds? You’ll find an adult coloring book to suit your taste.
  • Home delivery cakes. These can also be expensive, but are so worth the cost. The cakes arrive packed in dry ice and some even “explode” with butterflies and flowers to reveal the perfect cake packed beneath. Lots of fun when opened and yummy to eat.
  • The Amazon Echo is a perfect gift for a senior with limited mobility. It is wi-fi connected and voice operated to set alarms, play music, tell the weather report, turn on lights and more. 
  • Is your senior interested in geography? Still traveling the world? Buy them a scratch off map. They can proudly scratch off the places they’ve visited and make plans for future adventures.
  • Recordable books made by the grandkids. Look online and you’ll find a package with everything you need, including instructions, to create a grandkid-read book for the grandparents. Most of these books are just one sentence to a page and are mistake-proof ways to send a gift grandparents will treasure for years. This process is also reversible and grandparents can read and record stories for their grandchildren.
  • Send a kneading massage neck and back pillow to relieve sore, tight muscles. These are easy to use and relieve pain and stiffness.
  • Send a personalized monthly gift box. These are found online and will include any pictures and letters you want included plus a nice monthly assortment of snacks (tailored to any dietary restrictions), small toiletry gifts and personal care items, plus an activity or game. Your senior will look forward to next month’s offering.

It’s difficult to be away from loved ones for extended periods of time. And although the Covid restrictions are variable from place to place, they may continue for some time. It’s important to keep in touch with your senior family members throughout these times. 

A phone call, a video chat or an online family gathering for a special birthday or other important day will mean the world to your older family member.