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Ask Granny was sent this feature by Patricia Sarmiento and her team at PublicHealthCorps!  is always happy to post useful and well researched data! I’m sure all our  grandparent and seniors readers will find answers to some of their questions regarding health and well being.

‘Aging in Place’ is a term heard more and more frequently as the aging population continues to grow

There is so much we can do to take care of ourselves – and each other – in an effort to promote a long, healthy and enjoyable life!

At PublicHealthCorps, they are particularly interested in the health of this aging population, and how they might inspire seniors to take care of themselves so that the dream of ‘aging in place’ can become their reality.

Please take a look at the resources they’ve listed below – these are the top 12 most helpful and educational resources that the team, came across. 

Aging in Place

Aging in Place Home Loan Modification Programs

The Aging in Place Initiative

Top 10 Cities for Technology-Assisted Living

Technology Innovations That Could Help the Elderly

19 User-Friendly Apps for Seniors, Alzheimer’s Patients and Caregivers, and Individuals with Disabilities

Health for Seniors

10 Early Signs & Symptoms of Alzheimer’s

A Caregiver’s Guide to the Benefits of Cooking with Alzheimer’s

Older Adults & Anxiety

Seniors & Drugs – NCADD

Ultimate Guide to Rehab & Medicare

Ask Granny welcomes any comments you may have regarding this informative feature from the Public Health Corps in the US.