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Unique wedding gift ideas on this online guide for grandparents and seniors.


If you’re bored with the usual wedding gifts, picture frames, bedding from the registry and the like, you’ll be interested in checking out several unique websites with fresh ideas for gifts for your wedding couple.


Do they appreciate art?  Why not purchase a personalized drawing of the wedding site, or perhaps the couple’s first home? Go to and commission your drawing done from a photo. The artist can complete your drawing in three weeks’ time. What a special gift.


Does the couple have a global interest? If so, they may be thrilled with your gift of a Moringa Tree planted somewhere around the world in their honor. The Moringa tree is a perfect crop to grow in places where healthy food is in short supply. The leaves, pods and roots of the tree are edible. The seeds are ground into powder an used to purify water. Check out to order your gift.


If you really want to select a gift that pleases, look through this list from Mighty Good. You’ll find wonderful gifts that will last a lifetime, from an Adagio Teas glass teapot to a Martha Steward set of whiteware cake stands. Classy stuff.  Go to Mighty Goods.