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Tired of giving the same old tired bouquets of flowers or boxes of chocolates? How about getting a little creative and giving a gift designed according to your recipient’s unique talents? Do you know an avid gardener or reader? How about a knitter or weaver? Do you need a gift for a gourmet cook?

Browse below and you’ll be on the right trail to giving a truly special gift to the creative woman in your life.

Gifts for Bookworms

Novel Teas As the name suggests, this is a box of 25 English Breakfast teabags grown and packed in Sri Lanka. Each teabag is tagged with a quote from a famous author. This is the perfect gift for a confirmed reader, bookstore maven or librarian.

Library Branch Bookshelf Here is a chance to create a do it yourself bookshelf a la Olivier Dolle, the French designer. While his shelf may cost a fortune, you can create your own version for the cost of some lumber and stain. Lovely addition to an empty wall.

Book Bath Caddy Never risk dropping your novel in the bath water again. This handy caddy rests securely across your tub width, with room for your novel or kindle, a nice glass of wine and any other items you wish to remain dry as you relax in the tub.

Reading is My Superpower Mug Enjoy your coffee while you proclaim the benefits of reading. You read. You know things. Tell others.

Gifts for Gardeners

Garden Kneeler Choose from this selection of garden kneelers to make your planting, weeding and gathering a breeze. The comfortable foam pad flips to become a bench. It is lightweight and folds flat for easy storage.

Garden Tool Organizer This handy tool organizing belt fits comfortably around the waist. Everything you’ll need for pruning, weeding and gathering fruit, flowers or vegetables is right at your fingertips. Great gift for your green thumb friend or family member.

Flower and Felt Birdhouses These unique fair trade felted birdhouses are just the ticket for your gardening advocate. Meant to fit into the landscape, but also whimsical, they’re the perfect combination of fun and practicality.

Gathering Basket When it’s time to bring in the harvest, your gardening aficionado will love to use this wood and wire gathering basket. Lightweight and handsome, it can manage the veggies for tonight’s dinner or a whole array of cut flowers.

Gifts for Handcrafters

Handmade Wooden Yarn Bowls  Both practical and beautiful these individualized wooden yarn bowls are made of copper beech wood. The perfect gift for the knitter or crocheter to keep her yarn in place and free-moving as she creates.

Weaving Kit with Loom  These kits come with all you need to create one of a kind wall hangings and tapestries. Kits include the loom, yarn, hanging dowel and tapestry needles to complete your project.

Knitting Needle or Crochet Hook Cases  Every handcrafter enjoys products that make organization of all the needles and supplies easy. These cases also bring personalized beauty to a very practical gift.

Yarn, Yummy Yarn Here is the nitty gritty product that gets a knitter’s heart thumping. Find yarn in every color and texture imaginable.

Gifts for Gourmets

Copper River Knife This hand-forged knife was inspired by the ulu, the traditional Inuit tool. It’s curved easy to grip handle and beveled blade make it perfect for chopping herbs and a whole host of other kitchen tasks.

DIY Sushi Making Kit You know you’ve always wanted to try it. This kit, designed by Carley Sheehy, comes with everything you need to turn out delicious sushi. The kit comes with a rolling mat, rice, rice vinegar, nori (seaweed wraps) sesame seeds, wasabi powder and gluten-free soy sauce.

Sourdough Starter Kit Nothing tastes better than a sourdough biscuit, pancake or slice of bread. And you can give this savvy gift to your favorite gourmet cook. The starter in this kit is active, not a powder and needs to be fed regularly to maintain the tangy sourdough flavor.

Gourmet Gadgets The gourmet cook relishes the idea of using a new kitchen gadget, whether it be a new apron, salt and pepper set, table linens, or whisks and wooden spoons. Choose from a wide array of kitchen fun here.