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When the stockings are all hung and the children tucked into bed, they’ll be dreaming of Santa coming down the chimney to leave their presents and taste the little treats they’ve left for him.

Here are several ideas for those special treats for Santa.    Get the grandkids involved in making them and setting them out for the jolly old gentleman.



Santa Rice Krispie Treat

This cute Santa cookie looks just like him! Use the old standby recipe with butter, marshmallows and cereal and add Santa’s hat and beard with frosting or gel. This one is sure to tempt Santa and the entire family as well.


Lemon-frosted Sugar Cookies

These beautiful and delicate cookies will taste as good as they look. You’ll make the traditional sugar cookie dough and add grated lemon rind. The surprise ingredient is wheat germ and you’ll use fat-free milk. Make this dough early in the day because it must be refrigerated for four hours before baking. The powdered sugar and lemon juice icing will glaze the cookies perfectly and then you’re ready to decorate.


Easy Jingle Balls

These tiny chocolate-covered peanut butter balls are great fun to make. The ingredients are simple: peanut butter, powdered sugar, butter, vanilla and chocolate chips. You’ll need parawax to melt with the chocolate chips. Roll the mixture into balls and use toothpicks to dip them in the melted chocolate mixture. Refrigerate and serve to Santa Claus.