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Travel Tips for Seniors.

Do you love to travel? Or is it getting to be more difficult and too expensive? If Dr. David Lipschitz, Chairman of Geriatics at the University of Arkansas and expert on senior living is correct, travel may extend the lives of senior citizens.

The excitement of seeing new people, places, cultures and enjoying new cuisine has a positive effect on senior longevity. Staying active and keeping an active, inquisitive mind may actually benefit our physical bodies. And, besides, it’s fun.

Many seniors find that their fixed incomes limit travel. But if we’re observant and wise, there are many senior travel discounts and opportunities to travel at reduced rates. Here are some tips for saving money on your next travel adventure.

Always ask for a senior discount when making travel arrangements. You’ll never get a discount, if you don’t ask for one. And most hotels, restaurants, car rental agencies and even airlines have senior discounts at least part of the time.

Use your AARP or other group discount. Just belonging to a senior citizen’s group can save you money. In the UK Virgin Trains and GroupSave train systems give discounts according to the size of your group. It pays to gather some friends when booking tickets.

Travel in off-peak seasons and at less popular times. You may not want to take the red-eye special on your flight, but you can choose to travel on Tuesday or Wednesday or over a Saturday and find reduced rates. You can also book midday flights to find a cheaper fare. Be sure to book tickets from 14-21 days ahead of your travel date to find the lowest rates. When traveling on longer trips, choose “shoulder” travel times. For example you might visit Europe in the spring or fall rather than the peak times in the summer. Be sure to plan alternative activities and excursions if the weather is not ideal.

You’re not in a hurry; you don’t have a demanding job to do on Monday morning. You may enjoy taking buses and trains rather than more expensive air travel. Or how about a good old-fashioned road trip? You might not even mind checking an agency like Travel Zoo to find last-minute flights or bookings that haven’t been filled. You have the luxury of flexibility. Taking a voucher when a flight is overbooked is another way to save money.

Here are some websites that can help you find the best travel rates for seniors. Happy Travels.