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Even if you’re a seasoned traveler you may need some reminders about packing for a much-anticipated vacation. Maybe you’ve been on cruises and beach vacations, but now you’re planning a backpacking venture. Or maybe you’re traveling in a hot, humid climate and need some pointers on the best clothing for that particular kind of trip. There are some broad guidelines that may help you plan your clothing selections and purchases no matter where you go.

Buy and pack according to your itinerary.

Pack the clothing you’ll need soonest on the top of your bag. If you know you’ll be spending your first night in a hotel you’ll pack differently than if your first night is in a tent in the wilds. Let each day’s outings dictate your  wardrobe items. In general you’ll want to roll your clothing rather than fold it and be sure to fill in every bit of space including the inside of shoes with smaller items. Remember that you may need light sweaters or jackets even in very hot climates as you will encounter air conditioning in indoor settings.

Select clothing that is wash and wear and wrinkle-free.

You may find the need to wash clothing in a hotel sink and hang it to dry overnight. Choose garments that don’t wrinkle and are light enough to roll easily. Be sure to include items that will layer for different times of day and in changing weather. Wash and wear clothing is comfortable and lightweight making it ideal for travel.

Buy pieces that can mix and match.

If you’re a wise shopper you can purchase several tops, several pairs of pants and several skirts that can all be mixed and matched and you’ll have a gratifying number of outfits for that trip. Choose your shoes carefully as they are the heaviest items and are the most difficult to pack.

Think safety and comfort.

Once you’ve embarked on a trip it’s too late to think about shoes that rub your feet or items that are too tight. Be thoughtful and realistic when you pack and you’ll thank yourself later. And keep in mind that dressing conservatively in many countries around the world is a wise thing to do and is a safety precaution in itself.

There are many websites with clothing ideas, packing tips and accessory items for each and every kind of travel you might choose. Take a look at the websites below and then have fun as you plan your next travel adventure and go in style and comfort.