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Well, I know how he feels, however the holiday season is a wonderful time for family adventures! Whether you choose to travel as an extended family or you find yourselves traveling, just you and the grandkids, there are ways to make the travel miles fly by with no major issues.

It pays to think ahead before traveling with children. And if you take the following tips to heart, you’ll be thankful to solve most travel problems before they even start.

  1. 1. Plan extra travel time into your schedule. With young children there are any number of events that crop up—feedings, changings, spills. And even with older children it can take a bit longer to get through security lines and manage all the walks to the correct sites.
  1. 2. Book lodging and transportation ahead of time. When traveling with children you don’t want to find the “inn full.”
  1. 3. You may want to invest in a simple child locator if you’re worried about a child who wanders. These devices are attached to a child’s belt or shoe and if they happen to get too far away from you an alarm will direct you quickly to their side.
  1. 4. Take devices and games along to fill the long travel hours. A good book may be another choice, but there is no doubt that screens keep today’s child satisfied for long periods of time.
  1. 5. Bring along a small first aid kit and any necessary medications. A pack of baby wipes can also keep sticky hands clean and are useful for minor spills and messes.
  1. 6. School age children will enjoy keeping a travel journal. You might also gift your grandchild with a simple camera to document the important sights and experiences of your trip.
  1. 7. Bring snacks. A hungry child will not be happy for long. Simple things such as cereal, pretzels, granola bars, or string cheese make quick and easy snacks. You may also want to buy water or juice boxes after going through security.
  1. 8. Above all, travel light when with children. They may have difficulty managing their backpacks or bags and you’ll have to do double duty if that happens.
  2. 9. You might want to plan for several surprises to use when the going gets tough. A small toy, mini-book or travel game at that crucial breaking point may save the day.

While traveling with children has its challenges, you’ll also be making memories with the grands. With some proactive planning and a positive attitude you’ll find you can thoroughly enjoy your travel adventures with the grandchildren.