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The holidays are one season when you may wish to create something truly memorable for your guests. Here are three tried and true dessert recipes to wow them.

Wolfgang Puck’s Sacertorte

This Austrian chocolate layer cake is named for Franz Sacher who was an apprentice chef to Prince Metternich in 1832. Sacher won acclaim for this  fantastic bittersweet cake. His son later opened Vienna’s famed Demel pastry shop and café. To make this cake you’ll need a nine inch spring-form pan. The directions are not difficult, but it does require several hours to make.


Traditional English Trifle

Guaranteed to make your mouth water, this traditional English dessert is beautiful and elegant. Made with Bird’s custard, cream, sponge or pound cake, fruit and almonds, the layers show through the clear glass serving dish to make one of the loveliest of all desserts.


Deep Dish Apple Pie

A combination of tradition and elegance, this deep-dish apple pie has enough fruit to satisfy the biggest appetite. Made with half a cup of brandy, tart apples  such as Granny Smiths or Empires, and the juice of two lemons, this dessert is made even more appealing by decorating with sugared strips of apple peel.

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