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family_christmas          Are you stumped when it comes to giving meaningful gifts to seniors? It’s really very easy.

Find a way to meet a need or touch the heart.   Gifts  for grandparents and seniors are meant to provide pleasure. When they also fill a void, convey love and relieve a worry, they’re pure gold.

Here are five of the best gifts you can give a retiree.


Everyone enjoys something to look forward to each week or month. A book of the month subscription, a magazine subscription on a favourite topic or interest, a newspaper subscription or even a monthly crossword puzzle or Sudoku subscription bring pleasure to the receiver.

Gift Cards

Although some think of gift cards as thoughtless or too generic, many seniors will receive them with joy and even relief. Cards for gasoline, restaurants, movies theaters, grocery stores and the like can make a senior’s budget stretch to include items they otherwise couldn’t afford. 

Framed Personalized Family Gifts

Take the time to personalize a family tree, make a quilt with squares for each of the grandchildren plus their birthdates, buy jewelry with a stone for each grandchild or stitch the names and dates of all the kids and grandkids. A personalized gift means the world to seniors.

Coffee or Tea Packages

Find out your senior’s favorite drink and then put together a gift package of those items. Hot chocolate packets, tea bags or loose-leaf tea blends, mugs, coffee beans, tea strainers or pots, even a single cup coffee maker. All of these are practical and show your effort to give a gift just right for the receiver.

Scrapbooks, Journals, Diaries and More

Show your senior loved ones you value their life stories. Give them a blank book or journal and let them fill in with pictures, stories and memorabilia that will stay with the family for generations. They’ll be thrilled that you want to keep their important stories and memories.

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