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Forums or chat formats on the internet offer thousands of opportunities to connect with other people. The purpose of the forums is to offer a place where individuals can “meet” to discuss various issues of importance to them. There are often questions posed and then the forum audience is free to answer with their opinion or with some information.


A particular conversation between a group of online chatters is called a thread. Most chat forums have a moderator whose job it is to maintain the rules of the site, ask questions and monitor any misuse of the site. There may also be an administrator to manage technical issues.


When you write your opinion or answer a question, your answer is called a post. You can often post anonymously. Forums may draw just a few persons or a large number of people who are interested in the forum topic. The advantages of using the forum as a place to interact with others are several. You will hear a wide variety of opinions and you may also learn new information. The disadvantages are the possibility of encountering unpleasant people who offer their opinions as fact.


As with any online activity, there are rules and expectations for polite forum behavior. One should remember that others on the site have a right to their opinions if they differ. It is also imperative not to divulge personal information on such sites as it would be possible to use the sites as a place to “troll” for information to be used illegally.


In many senior online sites the focus is on offering you news articles and informational articles with an opportunity to respond with comments. These are not true forums, but may inform you on various topics and give you an opportunity to respond with your thoughts and views.


With the proper precautions entering a chat forum or information site can be an enjoyable way to learn new subject matter and in addition chat with people all over the world. There are an amazing number of senior forums and sites available to seniors today. Take a look at some of the possibilities below. :  an online senior news site, opportunity to blog :  dating site with chat opportunities : senior shopping, travel and ne :  chat site requiring that you register to participate  senior dating site with a forum   a women’s site with forums on many subjects   :  news for seniors with a chat site – for intellectuals and profesionals – exclusive, discreet, payment necessary

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