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        If you’re a senior and you’re single, you may be hanging around your home or apartment, unwilling to venture out into the travel whirl. Ask Granny has some good news for you.

Many travel packages for seniors include helpful arrangements for seniors traveling alone. It is possible to share a room on a cruise ship or in a hotel with an assigned roommate, thus saving the added expense of a singles fee.

Most cruises for seniors add activities especially for those who are single. It’s important to know that as women tend to live longer lives, the ratio of men to women is heavy on the side of women. But why not make some new friends and have a good time as you see a new part of the world.

Here are some groups and agencies who will cater to your solo travel needs.

Crystal Cruises: They offer cruises for seniors with enrichment classes in language, literature, music, lectures and even celebrity guests.

Solo Travel Network found at offer senior travel information.

Holland America plans a solo traveler party on their cruises.

Over the Hill Gang International, plan snow vacations for seniors in winter and hiking/cycling activities in warm weather.

Eldertreks and Road Scholar have wonderful educational tours and trips for seniors.

Vantage Deluxe World Travel plan senior tours of all kinds.