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A cruise can be a great way for singles to meet new people, see new places and enjoy all the benefits of the holiday without having to feel “left out”. All too often in hotel and resort holidays, unless they’re specifically set up for the older single person, you can quickly feel dispirited or left behind by all the couples-oriented events, the seating arrangements, even the theme nights in the bar.

Fortunately there are plenty of cruise companies and ships out there running offers geared specifically for singles. Like Silversea, whose single occupancy offers ensure that travelling alone isn’t the punishing expense it can be when you choose a land-based destination.

You can find out more about senior single cruises following this link. You’ll also note a range of excellent resources here for enriching your cruise experience: a range of singles friendly cruise operators is listed, and you’ll also find a few links to language schools in case you want to really get into the spirit of the adventure!

Tour groups are an excellent way to combine socialising and holidaying, particularly if you join a singles-only tour group. Dependent on your destination, you may have no choice of course. If you want to go to far flung or particularly exotic destinations – for example this Alaskan cruise, you will almost certainly have to travel with a group.

Some cruise lines are set up specifically with senior singles in mind – like the Saga cruise arm. Part of the ever-popular Saga brand, the cruise line includes singles-oriented ships like the Ruby, a predominantly single-cabin ship where no singles supplements are charged at all.

The Ruby enjoys a boutique style, without being either too formal or too laid back. It puts on high quality entertainment on a nightly basis and delivers multiple dining options. Also, because it leaves Britain for a variety of global destinations, there’s plenty of variety to be had in terms of climate and surroundings too.

Saga has split its cruising arm into two basic strands – Classic cruising and Adventure cruising. The Classic cruise offers (as the name suggests) classic ports of call around the word, with traditional cruising rules on board – dressing for dinner, for example – and a pair of well-appointed boats to choose from: the aforementioned Ruby and her sister ship the Sapphire.

Saga’s Adventure cruises are less formal, and have more of an eye on the unusual – starting with the ship. Like all Saga ships, the Quest for Adventure is staffed by superb friendly crew and has plenty of single cabins. Unlike most Saga ships, indeed unlike most other cruise ships, the Quest for Adventure swaps stately lines for a more rakish profile, and includes some less formal dining options too.

With extraordinary destinations encompassing the jungles of South America to the frozen wastelands of the Arctic, the Quest for Adventure is a must for all senior singles suffering from a dose of wanderlust!

For more information on the latest cruises for singles, you can also visit Ask Granny.