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If you’re a tiny bit overweight, or even worse, you probably know that you need to add some exercise to your daily routine. But it’s difficult to squeeze even one more thing into your busy schedule. Sometimes it helps to actually see the benefits that you’ll gain over time if you do the right thing. Walking, even a leisurely walk, done on a regular basis has been proven in study after study to improve overall health. Here are some of the ways:

Reduction in blood pressure- thirty minutes a day will improve your numbers.

Weight loss-walking alone won’t solve your weight problems, but it increases metabolism and keeps the body limber.

Resistance or management of diabetes- walking is a great exercise to do when trying to manage diabetes because it burns calories and helps manage blood sugar levels.

Better heart health- all the studies agree, walking reduces the risk of heart trouble and can be part of a heart disease regimen for those with heart problems.

Better mobility- have you heard of “use it or lose it?” Well it’s really true.

Increased energy- walking will improve energy levels and solve many mood issues.

Walking is the single best thing you can add to your daily health regimen. And it’s free! So get going and take a walk. Indoor or outdoor, walking will improve your overall health.