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Crisp autumn mornings mean the fields will soon be full of squash and pumpkins. We often use these big, healthy food items more for fall décor than in planning our family meals. Here are some pumpkin recipes that definitely are thinking outside the box.

Consider the ultimate comfort food, macaroni and cheese, made with pumpkin. Or whip up a rich holiday pumpkin soup. For dessert you’ll love this chocolate crusted and glazed pumpkin pie cheesecake. You’ll find forty-one pumpkin recipes at this site.

Here you’ll find a truly amazing collection of pumpkin recipes. Try the black bean and roasted pumpkin salad, the pumpkin pancakes or the savory baby pumpkins stuffed with sausage.

Along with traditional pumpkin pie recipes, Pumpkin Nook has an Atlantic giant pumpkin pie, a pumpkin cider bowl, pumpkin chips and frosted pumpkin raisin cookies for your family’s enjoyment.

Cruise through these websites and you’re sure to find several pumpkin recipes you’ve never made before. Let us know which one you enjoyed the most.