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We all enjoy the luxury of eating out. In fact fast food restaurants have become the mainstay of many families at least two or three times a week. But eating in restaurants is an expense many cannot afford in these harder economic times. Here are some quick tips to help curb the cost of restaurant dining. Just a little effort can save lots of money.

 1)  Make it a habit to scan your local newspapers for dining specials, coupons and vouchers. You’ll easily find many discounts this way.

2) Go to online websites such as  in the UK and or You can search your local area for tons of savings.

3) Visit your favorite restaurant’s website to look for special discounts. They often sell gift certificates at a discount, thus you may be able to purchase a gift card worth more than what you pay for it.

4) Look for regular specials on certain days of the week. Often there are days when children eat free or days when dessert is free.

5) Choose to dine early in the morning for the best breakfast specials or early in the afternoons when you can eat appetizers at a discount. Many restaurants offer happy hour specials that can make a meal.

6) Begin the habit of eating half an entrée and taking the other half home for a second meal. Or choose to split a meal with your mate.

7) Dine out for lunch rather than dinner. You’ll save a lot.

8) Order restaurant take out and eat it at home. You’ll probably eat fewer dishes. Or purchase ready-made meals from grocery chains and dine at home.

9) Become familiar with the senior discount sections of restaurant menus. Or find the section with discounted entrees.

10) Select meatless meals which tend to cost less.


As you can see there are many ways to reduce the cost of eating out. So do some planning and enjoy the freedom of letting someone else rattle those pots and pans.