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There are benefits to getting older. There are discounts at the movies and in restaurants. Young grocery clerks offer to carry out your purchases. Sometimes people even stand up on a bus and give you a comfy seat. But not usually.

So let’s introduce a little fun into our senior years. Let’s add some senior t-shirts to our wardrobes and let the world know how we feel about just about everything. There are t-shirts about retirement and landmark birthdays. There are t-shirts for preferred food items and about our hobbies.

There are fairly mild and acceptable t-shirts about being happy grandparents and birdwatchers or fishermen and women. Then there are some with slogans that would make a tough guy blush.

Whatever your taste, you’ll enjoy wearing a senior t-shirt. You might want to have “Old Guys Rule” on your chest, or “I’m Not Old, I Just Need Some WD-40.” Some prefer something like, “Sexy Senior Citizen.”

Please share some of your fun and original T-shirt slogans or quotes with us, so we can add them to our collection!

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