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Sushi  Recipes for Beginners.

By now everyone knows there is a lot of buzz about sushi. Sushi restaurants are found in every neighborhood in any city of any size. Recently I visited a “village” of 3,500 people and guess what the new restaurant proudly offers. Right, it’s sushi. So for better or worse, you may want to give sushi a whirl. Here are some articles and  sushi recipes to get you started on the right sushi path. Sushi Guy gives some raw food recipe tips for entering the world of raw fish, salmon recipes and Sushifaq offers some additional advice on sushi books, rice recipes. When you’re ready to take the step of creating your own sushi at home you’ll need a list of ingredients and utensils. Make My Sushi has a series of simple recipes for homemade sushi and will give you the lowdown on the proper way to order and eat sushi in a restaurant. Once you get the “sushi bug” your only problem may be the discipline to avoid eating it every day!