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The Covid 19 pandemic continues to impact all of our lives in numerous ways. But rather than feeling like victims in this trying time, we can search for ways to be part of the solution. We can help others get through to the time when the virus is under control and we all return to normal life.

In the meantime…

The Basics

By now we know the things we can do to keep the virus at bay. We can stay home most of the time and when we do venture out we wear masks to reduce the chance of spreading or catching the illness. We wash our hands regularly and we keep a distance from others at every opportunity. We respect others by doing these things and while none of the restrictions are pleasant, they are worth every bit of effort if the number of cases stays lower. It’s a golden rule idea: treat others the way you’d like to be treated and stay safe.

Support Your Local Businesses

We’ve all seen local businesses with closed signs. Many were forced to shut down entirely or were only allowed to do partial business for the past months. This is especially true for food service businesses. While large food chains may suffer during this pandemic, it is small locally-owned businesses that are at greatest risk of permanent closure. Whenever possible, patronise those small, local businesses. Buy your morning coffee, order your take-out meals or get a socially-distanced hair cut from your small, locally-owned shop. Your effort may help keep their doors open until the pandemic is over.

Check on Friends, Neighbours and the Elderly

In this time of extreme isolation, many people are totally alone. Make the effort to call or otherwise contact your friends, neighbours and especially aged folks who may not be reaching out for the support they need. Be sure to ask questions to learn whether your friends need help in procurement of food, medicines or other important day to day necessities. And just take the time to talk with them and allow them the benefit of contact with other human beings.

Support Food Banks and Other Agencies

Every town and every city has some sort of food bank to provide for those in need. In every area these agencies are at their breaking point in terms of the surge in requests for help. Many small food banks have sprung up in public areas because of the huge need for help in this time when many have lost their incomes. People are asked to donate food items to these small food banks or are free to take some items for their next meal. This is your opportunity to donate goods or financial help to food banks, restaurants or schools which are going the extra mile to feed their communities.

Support Shelters for the Homeless

Imagine being both homeless and at high risk for catching the virus. Many homeless shelters are stretched to their limits normally, but are expanding their services to keep homeless folks safe in this time of pandemic. They need resources to cover these expansions. Check in your area to see if this is a need in your community.

Stay Positive

There’s no better feeling than giving of your time, energy or money to help others. This pandemic can weigh us down with grief and loneliness, but let’s not let that happen. Let’s find ways to be part of the solution to living well during this especially difficult time. Let’s give and bring hope to others.

For more information on the Covid 19 virus worldwide, and how to help with current needs related to it, go to CDC Foundation.