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     healthylifestyleSummer is coming and along with it long, sunny days beckoning us to get outdoors and move. It’s especially inviting to hop out of bed on a sunny morning and enjoy the out of doors.

Begin your exercise activities with a few minutes of stretching to avoid injuries.To begin with, be aware of the special dangers of summer exercise. Summer heat combined with vigorous exercise may be too much of a good thing. Remember:

Stay hydrated to control body temperature, protect vital organs and keep the respiratory system efficiently working.

Choose to exercise before 10:00 a.m. or after 5:00 p.m. Exercising in the heat of the day can increase the chances of sunstroke.

Use sunblock for your skin and wear a hat. If possible, wear breathable long-sleeved tops to protect from sunburn.

Wondering what to do for exercise this summer? In addition to basic walking or short day hikes, why not enjoy a walk on the beach? Walking barefoot on sand has the benefits of toning leg muscles, exfoliating soles, improving circulation of both blood and the lymphatic system and it just plain feels good.

You might take up some new hobbies this summer to increase your daily exercise. Swimming or exercising in a pool is a healthy choice as are exercise machines such as the rowing machine. If knee joints are painful, rowing is a healthy option.

How about some new outdoor activities this summer? Try bird watching with a local group. Or join the group of those who enjoy letterboxing or geocaching—outdoor “treasure hunts.”

Biking on safe urban pathways or paved trails is another good choice for outdoor fun in the sun. You might even want to plan a summer exercise routine that rotates some of these great outdoor exercise choices.

Summer fun is all around us. From boat rides to farmer’s markets, there is always something enjoyable to do. So get moving in the summer—stay healthy and fit while you have a great time.