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It’s a fact that doing crossword puzzles and other word and number games such as sudoku, is good for our brainpower. Such activities challenge our ability to make connections, strategize, problem-solve and besides, it’s fun. There are online games similar to scrabble and there are many sites offering free puzzles. Boatload Puzzles have some  easy crosswords to solve online or you can print them out if you prefer. Web Crosswords and both offer free daily puzzles, free online printable puzzles, plus a variety of other word, number, brain  teasers and  games. Top Word Games offers a selection of games including Letter Matrix and Word Grid and Pogo offers a great variety of word games including Word Whomp and Boggle Bash.   Hours of fun just waiting for you and your brain…. Ask Granny’s tip of the month is Lumosity a great website for keeping the brain working!