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drinking-water-300x300 Many seniors find ways to volunteer in their own communities through local schools, community programs and the like. But sometimes we come across a problem that is world-wide. How do we respond?

Every year thousands of children die from drinking unclean water. The lack of clean water available to the rural poor around the world is one of the most urgent health problems we face today. The World Health Organization estimates that nearly one billion people have no access to safe water. They also estimate that 6,000 children die daily from diseases related to contaminated water. Diseases such as cholera, dysentery, typhoid and hepatitis are rampant in areas with unclean water supplies.

Symptoms of diseases caused by contaminated water are often chronic diarrhea which causes dehydration, fatigue and a weakened immune system for the children suffering it. These children are also the means by which the rest of the community contract the diseases, often causing epidemics.

You can help. Do your own research—there are many honorable and dedicated organizations whose goal is to provide wells and other means of providing clean, healthy drinking water for the rural poor.

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