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Sh…it’s Shingles!

No, it’s not just  the oldies that get shingles. Kids get it too and Ouch! ….It can be SO painful!

The danger for people who’ve had chickenpox isn’t catching it again.

Because the virus lies dormant in the nerve tissues, the danger is that the virus reactivates in a new form which causes nasty and painful shingles. The reason why the virus reactivates is possibly down to weakened immune system through stress or aging.

Having just had a bout of shingles on her face, (no fun at all) Ask Granny has some useful tips on how to avoid getting it and how to  deal with it if you are unlucky enough to get it.

Build up your immune system all year  round.

1) Garlic is a well know immune system builder take it  daily either raw or in tablet form.

2) Eat plenty of  fruits and  raw vegetables.

3) Have regular shots of vitamin B, or take Vit  B1, B6, B12 every month.

4) There is a great immune system builder in powder  or tablet form  called Inmunoferon. (glycophosphopeptical) Ask Granny takes 2 everyday all year round and you don’t need a prescription. Check with your doctor which are the best immune system builders.

5) 8,000mg of vitamin C a day also increases your immune system if you’re feeling a bit low.

6) There is now a vaccine called  ZOSTAVAX. Click on the highlighted text to see who should and who should NOT have the vaccine.

7) Creams and oils to use:

a) Capsaicin/ Zostrix cream can help to relieve pain,

b) St John’s Wort  salve or oil, lemon balm oil, myrrh tincture, are some of the  topical options to help pain and discomfort.

c) Apply  lavender and tea tree oil  on the area affected.  They are both  anti-viral. Lavender is also a analgesic.

8) There is a  Shingles Pain Free vest that  was developed “to alleviate the pain associated with shingles to the back and chest area, the most common area for shingles sufferers. Wearing the vest will provide instant and complete relief from a constant and excruciating pain. The vest will protect the rash from shoulders to groin area” (see

9) Some shingle sufferers have found relief in laser, or  infra red or light therapy and also acupuncture, it’s worthwhile consulting your doctor about these treatments.

10)  How about buying and trying  The VyGone Inhibitor Zapper! It is a cold sore treatment, herpes treatment, and shingles treatment that uses electro waveform technology to provide fast, natural healing to infected areas.

11) There is no harm in using easier methods to relieve pain and discomfort,  so try applying ice to the lesions by placing a wet flannel cloth over the affected area and put an ice pack on the  cloth for about 10 minutes as often as needed to  control any discomfort.

13) Postherpetic neuralgia is the pain that nearly always follows a bout of shingles. It can be very painful and last a long time in some cases. Postherpetic neuralgia occurs when the nerves have been damaged after an outbreak of shingles. Check with your doctor which are the best painkillers to take.

12) For more information about symptoms,  read  BUPA’s “About Shingles”

Ask Granny hopes these tips from HER experiences and solutions from informative websites will help those of you who are suffering from this horrible affliction!

Ask Granny is certainly feeling better and working hard on building up her immune system.

Please let us know if you have anymore remedies Ask Granny can pass on to her readers