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Travel is always an interesting topic for seniors with the time and means to get away. Some of us prefer a sunny location to escape the dreary days of our winters, some enjoy following their favorite sport such as golf or tennis and others like to get out into remote areas to enjoy the beauty of nature. No matter what you’re looking for, it pays to visit some senior travel sites to get the latest in cheaper rates, find all the amenities you’re looking for and perhaps get some new ideas about your next travel experience.


If you or someone you know travels with disabilities, you’ll want to read about agencies and destinations that keep your special needs in mind. Global Access is one such agency with a wealth of information about planning and enjoying travel experiences in spite of disabilities. For those wanting to stretch their limits, read about the exciting opportunities for white-water rafting and cross-country ski trips with Environmental Travel Companions. Some agencies such as Destination Hope plan your trip for you and make all the arrangements you’ll need before and during your travel.


Here’s something new in travel:  the yurt experience. All over the world yurt camping experiences are cropping up and not just in remote areas, but in the middle of up-scale destinations too. One enthusiast about the yurt camping experience says, “You have the cozy feel of a tent with many of the comforts and conveniences of a hotel. From Patagonia to Andalucia, you’ll find a yurt camping experience just right for you.


Expense is always key in planning your next excursion. One way to save money is to buy your tickets through travel consolidators. Consolidators buy up blocks of unsold seats and are able to offer them at reduced rates. In some cases you may be able to save up to 60% on your ticket costs. For more information on finding the best prices on airline tickets you’ll enjoy reading this article.


One new trend in 2011 travel is the return to the old standby, the travel agent. With the complexity of selecting destinations, finding affordable travel and lodging, and the fact that time is money, many are returning to the use of an enthusiastic travel agent to do their travel sleuthing for them.


Are you looking for something new this year? From Kurdistan to the San Juan Islands, you’ll find an intriguing destination in this piece. From sport fishing in Lareto, Mexico to a nature tour of Iceland, you’ll enjoy planning a vacation and going somewhere you’ve never before experienced.


Travel is not only enjoyable, it’s also good for us. We see new sights, we hear new sounds, we experience ways of living that are fresh and exhilarating. Why not check out some of these links and see where you’ll go on your next travel adventure?