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people-working-together-for-a-causeSeniors may be on fixed incomes, but we still want to experience the joy of helping others. Here are three organizations that provide direct health care to those in need around the world. Each organization is well-known and trusted and your gifts to them are tax deductible.


Against Malaria Foundation

This organization provides malaria nets (LLINS, long-lasting insecticidal nets) to those living in areas infested with mosquitoes. They buy, distribute and track the use of these nets. They also collect case rate data to show the results of using the life-saving nets. Against Malaria prides itself on its efficiency, transparency and on demonstrating the impact of their service.



ReSurge International provides free reconstructive surgery to the poor in fourteen developing countries. Formerly known as Interplast, the group has been serving since 1969. They treat clefts and burns and also offer speech and physical therapy. They offer workshops to medical professionals in their local settings to ensure that reconstructive surgery will be available in the future. Direct donations are received or you can purchase ReSurge clothing, mugs, etc. online.


Aravind Eye Care System

The Aravind Eye Care Systems mission is to eliminate needless blindness in India. Dr. G. Venkataswamy was the founder of the organization. He began work in medical outreaches to care for eyes in 1960 and gained national recognition for his work. His hospital near Madurai opened in 1976 and today there are hospitals in seven cities. Dr. V. passed away in 2006 but his work continues in both outpatient eye treatments and in thousands of surgeries. He also began a national campaign to encourage the signing of eye donation pledge cards. Aravind is a non-profit and donations can be made online through paypal.


So make a difference. You’ll give a little and enjoy a great deal of satisfaction.