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    Sex trafficking is alive and well in every part of the world. It’s a dirty secret that plagues our cities and thrives anywhere greed and total disregard for human dignity exist. There are many ways to contribute to a better world. The following non-profit organisations are dedicated to making the world a safer, more compassionate place.

What can you do? There are many ways to help these organisations to save lives one woman or child at a time. Your donations will help prevent sex slavery through education and law enforcement programs. They will also rescue, relocate and educate victims of the sex trade, changing lives. Learn what you can do at the following sites:

Shared Hope International

Founded by former U.S. Congresswoman, Linda Smith, Shared Hope International has made great strides in changing legislation, rescuing, housing and educating women and children caught in the web of sex slavery and has encouraged average citizens to get involved in their own cities and neighbourhoods to stamp out sex trafficking.

She is Safe

This organisation is committed to stopping abuse and exploitation of women and children. They work worldwide to rescue and restore the victims of sex trafficking and slavery. They take victims to safe houses where they’re kept safe, given healthcare, and educated in a vocation for a future free of abuse. They work in high risk areas to educate the local population about the worth and dignity of every individual.

This organisation was formed in 2008 as the result of a trip to orphanages in Ukraine. The visitor discovered that many orphans, once grown, ended up in the sex trade. Then, finding that the problem is world-wide this group formed in UK to begin offering respite to victims. There are projects for both women and children. Safe houses are established and public awareness is raised so that people can recognise the signs of a trafficking operation.

All of these organisations raise funds to operate their programs. Do a little research to see which organisation best fits your desire to rid the world of sex trafficking and slavery and then donate today.