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spend-save-sign-300x300-300x300 Calling all UK grandparents – are you interested in a holiday, or perhaps a gift for someone? Maybe you need to take out an insurance policy? Whatever your exact requirements, the Internet offers a wealth of opportunity to save money on everyday essentials, as well as more occasional purchases. Here at senior citizens guide, Ask Granny (, we investigate some of the best ways of maximising what may be a limited budget.


Money off vouchers 

Long gone are the days when most people cut out vouchers from the pages of magazines or newspapers. These days, more and more people are typing ‘money off voucher’ or a similar term into Google and being greeted with a wealth of websites offering attractive discounts on entertainment, travel, food and more.

Some of these vouchers relate to very specific products and end very quickly, while others relate to more ongoing special offers – so it makes sense to check the sites regularly.


Price comparison sites 

The fact that there’s barely a British reader of this grandparents blog who won’t now associate meerkats with car insurance shows just how much price comparison sites have penetrated our national consciousness in recent years.

Certainly, if you stick with the same savings account, insurance policy or credit card for year after year, it’s very possible that you are missing out on some great deals elsewhere, and price comparison sites are the perfect way of quickly checking. However, you should be careful to ensure that any new financial product to which you switch still caters to your specific needs.


Online shopping 

Whether you’re shopping for grandchildren’s toys, the latest book or DVD of your favourite TV star or even food or drink, chances are that you can get it cheaper online than in your local supermarket.


Amazon offers no shortage of heavy discounts on items ranging from books and CDs to electronic appliances and accessories, while eBay is a similarly rich marketplace for used and new goods, running into the millions. You should, though, be sure to check an eBay or Amazon marketplace seller’s feedback score before buying from them, and be careful not to spend too much – as bidding on such sites can be fiendishly addictive!


Cheaper holidays 

Book far in advance, and you can spend less money on pretty much everything to do with your holidays, from rail and flight tickets to hotel stays. Advance discounts are constantly available on cruises for seniors, tickets for theme parks and even entertainment events. Art galleries and museums may have ‘friends’ organisations that you can join to signal your support for such institutions and gain cheaper access to exhibitions.


There are so many more opportunities out there to save money online, including having your food shopping delivered directly to you by your supermarket, using cashback websites and finding a better mobile deal. Keep visiting Ask Granny ( for more tips on how you can spend less in the exciting world of the Internet.