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One of the greatest dangers to senior citizens is taking a fall. Whether a fall occurs indoors or out, the risk of serious injury increases as we age. There are many causes of falls and many ways to prevent them. Taking the time to evaluate your living area and your outside walkways for possible causes of falls is well worth your time.

Osteoporosis, weakened bones, is a serious health condition that makes falling even more frightening. Fractures in the bones of senior citizens are a legitimate concern. Taking calcium and vitamin D and doing weight-bearing exercises are ways to combat the problem. Lack of exercise can also lead to falls as we tend to lose strength and balance as we age. Poor vision is another cause of falling. Making sure eye exams are done regularly and that eyeglasses are the correct strength is essential.  Environmental hazards are also very important causes of falls. Perhaps you need to add handrails to bathroom walls or tubs. Check for tripping hazards such as electrical cords or throw rugs on slippery floors. Going through the home to declutter is another way to ensure safety as you move from place to place.

There are many ways seniors can protect against falling.  Check out the following websites to ensure your home is a safe place to walk and that you are staying healthy and strong.

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