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road_trips                                             When you find your shoulder muscles tight and painful, when you’re frustrated and ready to fly off the handle, it’s time to put some of these simple stress-busters to work. Just a few minutes spent taking care of your emotional and mental health will produce welcome relief to your stressed mind and body. Give several of them a try.

When you feel tense, intentionally breathe slowly and deeply. In just a minute or less you’ll notice the difference.

Select one thing on your to-do list (that you’ve been procrastinating on) and take action. 

Take a break out of doors. Take a brisk ten minute walk or spend time enjoying the beauty of a flower garden.

Plan a reward to look forward to. A spa visit, a dinner out, a movie with a friend.

Prioritize your list of tasks and cut out those that aren’t really necessary.

Learn to say “no.” Don’t take on tasks out of guilt or excessive responsibility. Your time is valuable too.

Exercise. Do a short set of exercises such as a plank, some plunges, jumping jacks. Move the muscles that are strained. You’ll feel better.

Ask for help and learn to collaborate on tasks. 

If you choose several of these stress-busters, you’ll find the tension melting away. Here are online sites to give you more support in your efforts to de-stress:


Web MD