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           It just happened again. A good friend lost her husband in a matter of months to liver failure. She barely had time to get used to the idea of living alone before he was gone. I now count seven of my women friends living as widows. It’s a different life. The world and most social events cater to couples, not singles.

How does a single person become comfortable with a new life lived mostly alone?

Many widows, widowers and divorcees adjust to their new lives by attending group activities. Going to restaurants, movies, and other social events is much more fun when you attend with a group of people. But in time, the single person just might want to search for another life partner. 

Senior dating is quite popular although it can come with certain concerns. It’s wise to visit only well-reputed online dating sites—those that don’t charge a fee and have been around for a time. You’ll want to be honest about the information you put into your profile and protect any confidential information such as finances. Don’t share about previous relationships except in a generic manner.

Dr. Helen Fisher, PhD. Is the chief scientific advisor for the dating site She states that people of any age can feel intense romantic love. In a questionnaire she found that participants over 45 expressed just as much romantic passion as did those younger. She believes that you can fall in love at any age, even in your 90’s.

Human beings are never too old for loving relationships whether they are friendships or romantic in nature. The best advice for seniors looking for a new love life is to stay true to themselves. Honesty and integrity will pave the way for a new relationship that is genuine and satisfying. Don’t rush into a relationship without counting the cost. Does the person of interest have good health, does he or she share your values, belief system, sense of humor? Are there family considerations such as debt, children to raise and the like? While none of these necessarily block a deep relationship, all of them must be considered and weighed.

Good places to meet prospective partners include community centers, gyms, churches, continuing education classes, dance classes and book clubs. Look for people who share your interests. Do you enjoy hiking? Bowling? Yoga? You can make new friends while enjoying the things you love to do. You never know when a deeper, more important relationship might come along.

There is no guarantee you’ll find another partner to share your life with, but the odds improve when you live a vibrant and active life. Try volunteering in your local schools, hospitals, or churches. Get out in the world and show your enthusiasm for each day. Be aware of safety measures to avoid scams, gold diggers or otherwise unsavory connections. But most of all, keep an open heart. We’re never too old to fall in love.