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Senior Dating  – Could This Be Your Year of Love?

Anytime is a good time to start thinking about the future. This can be especially true if we have lost a loved one in recent times, or have just got over a marriage breakup.

As silver surfers you’ll already know how much is out there on the web. But it isn’t just products and services. You can find love and companionship online too.

There are rules to using dating sites. Some are set by the sites themselves, and constitute a prescription for polite and ethical behaviour; others are common sense rules you should set yourself. We’ll have a look at the latter first.

1: Never go on a date without telling your friends or family where you’re going and who with. Arrange a system with a friend whereby you can text or call them if you intend to stay out for the night at the end of the evening.

2: Never share any personal information with people on an online dating site – address, private email address, or phone numbers.

3: Never give any money to people you meet on dating sites: and never share your financial details with someone on a dating site either.

As far as the individual dating site goes, you should be able to find its code of conduct easily. Common rules include details on how to behave when chatting to other members of the site – what goes, what doesn’t go, and who to turn to if you have any concerns or complaints.

Don’t be put off by all this – the rules are there to ensure safety and enjoyment for all users.

So, onto the good stuff. Senior dating sites abound on the UK web. Generally, you will find that a senior dating site is for people over either 40 or 50 years of age. Age restrictions will again be clearly labelled.

Getting involved is as easy as filling out a few signup details. These should include your email address (that’s where correspondence from the dating site will be sent, though the address itself will be kept invisible to other site users). It is not uncommon for dating sites to request your bank details when you sign up – but it isn’t common either, so if you don’t feel comfortable giving out that information until you are ready to become a fully paid-up member, then keep looking for sites that give you more leeway.

Senior Dating Online gives you a free trial, with no requirement to give out bank details when you sign up. So does the Senior Dating Group. Their free trials are representative of what you can expect as a new member – the chance to explore the dating site in full, finding out what happens when you search for potential dates according to specific rules. Commonly, you can search for people of a specified sex, between a specified age range, within a particular postcode area.

If you have special interests you would like a potential friend or partner to share, there are some sites that cater for this as well. Horsey Lovers is a prime example.

Whatever your interests and whatever your reasons, there are people out there waiting to meet you. So make this your (safe) year to get back out there.