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Ask Granny  helps all parents and grandparents to use the internet. Join her in some fun! Enjoy her selection of forums and blogs ideal for the over 50s.


Learn how to join forums and create blogs.The Internet will change your life for the better…. Join in all types of discussions  with silver surfers and baby boomers. Try dating again, but play safe!

A great website for all family members

If you need help with an elderly member of your family take a look at this website

  • Expert Advice to Avoid Scams. Don’t be a Victim!
  • A surprising number of intelligent, well-educated people find themselves the victim of scams. There are endless ways ruthless people find to take the money that belongs to another. So be safe. Take a look at for current articles and advice on all the scams taking place right now. Help prevent identity theft, e-mail scams, internet scams, credit card scams, automotive and travel scams and many, many more. This site was founded by businessman John Rowlinson and he donates a percentage of his business profits to fund this site for the benefit of all who read it. Protect yourself, go to:
  • Safe from Scams ~ Click Here to Visit the Site
  • Wired Seniors: A Web of Your Own. Join for Free!
  • Wired Seniors is a comprehensive website for those over fifty years of age. It is written by and for seniors. If you join the website, which is free, you can take full advantage of all the services provided. You may want to find a dating partner at seniors match or post non commercial messages on the bulletin board. Perhaps you have lost a friend or partner and wish to post on the memorial pages. Do you want to travel to exotic places at a discount? Then you may want to look into home exchanges or perhaps visit the discount mall where merchants from around the world sell everything with senior discounts. There is a question and answer section in which you can help others with questions in your areas of expertise.  Seniors helping seniors is what this site is all about.
  • Wired Seniors ~ Click Here to Visit the Site
  • Eons, Another Social Networking WebsiteThis website is for Baby Boomers, those born sometime between 1946 and l964. And it’s also dedicated to people who are living life to the full. As in all social networks sites, you have the opportunity to create your profile for the purpose of keeping up with friends and making new ones. This site has the added component of gathering people around interest groups. For example if you’re into hiking or exercise, there’s a group for you. Join groups focused on history, philosophy, travel or finance. Are you interested in dogs or archaeology? Then there is a group for you. The list is endless. There are also opportunities to share your pictures and video clips, play games and just plain have fun. Log onto and see for yourself.
  • Eons ~ Click Here to Visit the Site
  • Looking for something to do if and when moving to Spain? –  is a great site for jobs in Spain. You can find job listings throughout Spain for expats and English-speaking foreigners in Spain
  • Jobby ~ Click Here to Visit the Site
  • Three Steps to get Grandparents Online on Grandparents TLC
  • Granny Look found this article interesting, practical, useful and amusing!Ask your grandchildren to take time to teach you about the internet!These three steps will help you get started!
  • Grandparents TLC ~ Click Here to Visit the Site
  • A Website for the over 50s in India
  • Granny Look is most impressed with this website for the over 50s in India. Make new friends, catch up on stories, no need to feel lonely or isolated anymore! Good luck!
  • Verdurez ~ Click Here to Visit the Site
  • Serving Baby Boomers!
  • ThirdAge Inc. is a leading online lifestage media, marketing and consumer insight company exclusively focused on serving baby boomers. Trhough strategic partnerships and integrated advertising campaigns, we help companies build lasting relationships with our audience.Over the last decade, ThirdAge has built a loyal and trusting community of individuals intent on living life to it’s fullest. They return to ThirdAge for content that is relevant and useful to their changing lives. ThirdAge provides informative and insightful content on topics that matter most: Health & Wellness, Family & Friends, Relationships & Sex, Money & Work, Beauty & Style and Travel & Pastimes. More than 1,000,000 unique visitors come to ThirdAge every month and close to 1,000,000 subscribers receive our customized newsletters each week.ThirdAge has spent over a decade listening, learning and developing a trusted relationship with all its constituents. The company is committed to providing valuable content, products and services, now integrated with community forums and new tools, enabling ThirdAgers to easily connect and share with other like-minded people.
  • Third Age ~ Click Here to Visit the Site
  • Online Resource for Baby Boomers. An Online Magazine for Savvy Surfers!
  • Online Resource for Baby BoomersSeniors, also known as Baby Boomers because they were born right after WWII, are becoming quite savvy with computers. Here is a website bulging with information, tips, and more for the boomers. It is an online magazine with articles on every topic you can imagine relevant to senior living. It has retirement information, social networking opportunities, business, real estate and health articles. It has travel and entertainment sections and community and family information too. Virtually any topic of interest to you is there in black and white with just a few finger clicks on the keyboard. Try it!
  • Baby Boomer Magazine ~ Click Here to Visit the Site
  • Seventeen Commonsense Articles on Senior Dating.It Pays to be Safe and Well Informed.
  • Seventeen Commonsense Articles on Senior DatingI have heard it said that these “Golden Years” aren’t always all they’re cracked up to be. The children are grown and gone, and sometimes their life choices are disappointing to us, our bodies aren’t as healthy as they were and so on. But, what is so bad about days full of freedom and blissful hours available for any activity we choose? No more early morning alarm clocks unless we choose them and no hectic schedules and deadlines. Those retirement years start to sound rather inviting again, don’t they? If you find yourself alone and ready to face the dating scene in your senior years, it pays to be safe and well-informed. Here are seventeen good articles filled with common sense advice and information that will help you step back into the world of romance without risking danger or disappointment.
  • Helium ~ Click Here to Visit the Site
  • The value of Grandparents
  • As a grandma or grandad you may need comfort, help, or advice on how to solve some  problems within the family.Take a look at Grandparents Apart to share some of your worries with other grandparents
  • Grand Parents Apart ~ Click Here to Visit the Site
  • Don’t forget to take your daily  dose of  the latest Sudoku with you on holiday!One of Granny Look’s tips for  grandparents to have fun with when the kids  and grandchildren are asleep!
  • Daily Sudoku ~ Click Here to Visit the Site
  • Creative Activities and Crafts for kids to do and make
  • Open up Activity Village’s web pages filled with a selection of Creative Activities for kids and grandchildren for all seasons and Festive OccasionsJokes to share, crafts to create, puzzles to solve, printables to download and fill, colouring pages to colour, origami to construct…Grandpas and grandmas will be busy  during the holidays!
  • Activity Village ~ Click Here to Visit the Site
  • Tips for a Meaningful Mothers Day
  • For all Mums and that includes Granny!Show your Mum ( or wife) how much  you love her by sending her a special gift this Mothering Sunday.
  • Getting Personal ~ Click Here to Visit the Site
  • The Cute Kid Contest
  • Take part in The Cute Kid Contest and send your favourite child, grandchild, or baby photo to enter this contest!You could win a $25,000 College Tuition fund!
  • The Cute Kid ~ Click Here to Visit the Site
  • A website for Grandmothers daughters to join!
  • Tell your daughter about Cafe Mom. This website is a great way to connect up with one-another.Mums can share and have fun with one another.There is also a Newcomers Club for the new members
  • Cafe Mom ~ Click Here to Visit the Site
  • Help has arrived to surf the net!! Check it out with Silver surfers seventy
  • This site has collected over seventy tried and trusted sites, for people based in the United Kingdom. They have been chosen them because they are practical, helpful and well designed. It has been made easier for you by briefly describing each site, and rating it with a teacups rating system, to give you an idea of how simple or complex each site is.
  • Silver Surfers ~ Click Here to Visit the Site
  • Join the Grandparents-Association to learn everything you need to know regarding grandchildren!
  • The only grandparents site dedicated to all grandparents’ issues. We offer a newsletter, fact sheets and advice line. We provide access to support groups and have an extensive knowledge base for grandparents. We also provide access to independent financial advice and car insurance with the option to buy specialist publications in our extensive bookshop.
  • World Internet Usage Statistics Top Languages
  • See the top languages in the world internet usage population and penetration report. Internet World Stats presents its latest estimates for Internet Users by Language. Because of the importance of this research, and due to the lack of other sources, Internet World Stats publishes several tables and charts featuring analysis and details here for the top ten languages and also for the top three languages in use by Internet users.
  • ~ Click Here to Visit the Site
  • Get granny shopping online! Who really benefits when an e-commerce site and an ISP team up to teach seniors how to surf? An interesting article on making a connection between young and elderly people for the benefits of communication and e-shopping
  • ~ Click Here to Visit the Site