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You can be sure you’ll be hosting guests this holiday season, or you’ll visit friends in their homes.

When you do, it’s great to offer tasty little bite-sized nibbles for all to enjoy. And whether it’s an informal gathering to watch movies or sports, or a “little black dress” occasion, the canapés below will be just the right thing.

From the simplest, Fruitcake slices topped with Lancashire cheese and thinly-sliced pieces of apple tossed in lemon juice, to Brie Cranberry Twists made with brie sticks, cranberry sauce, and walnuts baked in filo dough, to a vegetarian Thai mango chilli and lime cup served in mini croustade cups readymade in your local supermarket, the choices are endless. Browse through the websites below that Ask Granny has chosen and get ready to wow your friends with Christmas Canapes.

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