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Encourage the powers of observation and the joy of nature in your children and grandchildren this Christmas. Young Explorers offers a huge variety of children’s toys and these science observation kits are something special. Each one is award-winning and  guaranteed to keep children excited about watching changes over time which is at the heart of being a good scientist. Buy the Root Vue Farm which is a garden laboratory for children four and up. They’ll observe the cutaway garden as carrots, onion and radishes grow from seeds to mature plants. Or choose the Grow a Frog kit which follows the transformation of an egg to a frog in six weeks. Or how about Nest View which is a cutaway bird house which can be mounted directly on a window. Watch the entire process of nest-building, egg laying, hatching and growth of the bird from hatchling to fledgling. Another award-winning choice is Ladybug Land where children can observe the growth and development of a ladybug from larvae to mature bug over a two week period of time. These are great gifts, instilling a love of learning and fun at the same time. Find these kits and more science kits at:,737&dispRow=246&srccode=YE14359

Ask Granny suggests you  hurry to shop online for those Christmas  gifts to avoid late deliveries!