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So Many Ways to Save on Senior Travel Expenses

The freedom to travel and see interesting parts of the world is one of the many benefits of senior living. Nothing is more exciting than planning the next travel adventure.

But the cost of travel can become a barrier to fully enjoying the joys of travel. Don’t let that happen! If you’re willing to take some time and do a little online research, you’ll find ways to cut your travel expenses by a huge margin.

Some general information to save travel expense includes:

Always, always ask for senior discounts. They may only be 5% on Tuesdays, but if you don’t ask, you won’t find them. This applies to all aspects of travel: airfares, accommodations, transportation, meals and entertainment.

Book early, yes. But don’t stop searching. Sometimes the very best deals are “last minute.” You may save more cancelling and rebooking, even with the fees charged for changes.

Be willing to travel off-season, but do your research. You don’t want to spend five days on rainy, windy beaches.

Scan travel websites on different days of the week. Sometimes the prices change according to supply and demand.

Use any group discounts you may have and search for coupons and promo codes. Sign up for travel reward points. Save them to cover airfares, hotel costs, etc.

Check out this list of ways to trim your travel expenses while enjoying the full benefit of world travel. See which of these work for you:


Schedule your airfares early using discount sites. Some of these sites charge a small fee, but your savings on airfares will more than make up for it.

Search for airfares and other travel needs on a travel site such as Travelocity, Expedia, Orbitz or Priceline. They have the capacity to search all airlines and other accommodations for travelers. Find a promo code to reduce fares.

Travel light to save extra baggage fees.

Check to see if a round trip ticket is cheaper than one way if that is all you need. You don’t have to use the other leg of the trip and may save money.

When possible, fly back to the same airport from which you originally departed. This saves money.


Leave your hotel and get out into the community around it. Ask locals for the best places to eat. You’ll have a more authentic eating experience and you’ll also save money.

Book a room or suite with a kitchen. Enjoy shopping at local markets and prepare some of your own meals. In

Eat you main meal at lunchtime. You’ll definitely find lower prices midday.


Whenever possible book standard car rentals where you return the car to the point of origin. One way rentals are usually more expensive.

Check to see if your credit cards or your personal car insurance covers rentals. You can save on rental insurance fees this way.

If you don’t need the room, rent the smaller cars. You’ll save on fees and also on gas expenses.

Fill the gas tank yourself. You’ll spend less money that way.

Search the internet for car rental coupon codes.( Search “travel”

Search for discounted travel passes for trains, metros, and subways. A three-day pass can save you a bundle.

Consider traveling via train, plane or bus overnight. You’ll save the expense of a hotel.

Use public transportation over taxis.

Rent your cars away from the airport. Simply take a shuttle to the nearby car rental agencies and save higher airport fees.

Currency and Accommodations

Search out the best rates of exchange for currency exchanges. Don’t assume it is at the airport.

When visiting major cities, search out smaller towns nearby. A short train or bus ride may save you lots of money when booking accommodations.

Check out home exchange rental services such as Air BnB, VRBO, or Home Away. These rentals are often located centrally and offer great deals.

Use a vacation home rental service rather than booking a hotel.

Check to see if you’re eligible to get back part of all of retail sales tax as you shop. Request the appropriate forms.

Book bundle deals that include your hotel, flight and rental car all in one.

Senior travel is one of the best dividends we earn in retirement years. Enjoy savvy shopping as you plan your next travel adventure.

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