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You’re happily retired and enjoying the freedom gained when you no longer need to punch a time clock, but that doesn’t mean you have all the cash you need. Maybe one of the hobbies you enjoy in your newfound free time can also bring in some extra money. Take a look at the following hobbies and see if one of them lines up with your interests.

Writing: You may not be able to write the next best-selling novel, but if you enjoy writing there are many ways to market that skill. You may write articles for magazines, write on blog sites, write copy for businesses such as advertising material—the  choices are endless. To make money with your writing skills, read this article.

Woodworking/Carpentry: Some of you are handy with woodworking tools. You may enjoy creating items for your own home and garden, or perhaps you are good at repairing things around the house. You can turn these skills into extra cash.

Arts and Crafts: This topic is broad and can mean anything from quilting to jewellery making. It might lean more toward art or it might be home improvement. Whatever your particular craft area of expertise, you can turn it into money by teaching, selling or consulting. Get some ideas by reading this article on money-making arts and crafts ideas.

Home Decorating: Creative people like to change their living environments. You can be one of the people who inspire others to do so. Whether you are designing window treatments, consulting about colour palettes or are an expert in furniture placement, you can find a way to earn money with your skills.

Photography: If you have a good camera and enjoy taking photographs of more than just your own family, you may be a candidate for a lucrative photography business. In this digital age, there is a market for stock photos for computer use. Look into this money-making hobby.

Cooking/Baking: You enjoy cooking and maybe you have a special recipe that people rave about. Perhaps you could turn your cooking joys into a profitable business. Keep in mind that you usually need to have a state-approved kitchen in which to prepare food items for public consumption. Once you have gotten over that hurdle you can decide how to run your cooking operation. The simplest method is to work out of your own home and either deliver the goods or have them picked up when ready. On-line or telephone orders are options. See how one young lady turned her enjoyment of baking designer cupcakes into a thriving business.

Maybe this article doesn’t speak to the passion of your life. Whatever it is, you can learn how to market some aspect of it. Are you great at organising things? Why not become a personal organiser and help others to get their offices or kitchens spruced up? Do you love to throw together a dinner party or birthday bash for kids? You can help others who lack the skills or time to do their own planning. Find your passion and then do a little research into ways to share the things you already know and enjoy. You too can turn your hobbies into extra income.