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grandparents-traveling-with-grandchild-300x197.gifThousands of senior citizens poised to enter and fully enjoy their retirement years are suddenly placed in a difficult situation. They find they need to step in and take care of grandchildren. Some even formally adopt the grandchildren and raise them to adulthood. There are many reasons for this sad situation, but those who step into this new territory are often in need of support on many fronts. If you find yourself in the situation of raising your grandchildren and if the entire process is a bit overwhelming, here are some resources to get you the help you need. You’ll want to know about governmental resources and you’ll want to find support groups in your own community where you’ll find others taking on the same challenges. There are also online support sites including blogs and forums where you can share stories, successes and failures and find solutions to problems. (go to benefits)


Online Websites for Grandparents raising Grandchildren